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Benefits Of Leasing

By providing a multitude of benefits, Modern Leasing can help you with the most powerful economic tools for financial freedom

Benefits of Leasing
Modern Leasing is a fiscally sound and economically responsible partner for all your equipment leasing needs. Financing your replacement, expansion or new acquisition is one of the most powerful economic tools to help your business grow and thrive. Benefits utilizing Modern Leasing’s leasing programs include:

  • Cash Flow – By making monthly payments, businesses can pay for the equipment with the improved cash flow generated from their new technology. Leasing affords a variety of options to match payment terms to business flow of cash, whether cash flow is project-based, seasonal, related to expansion, etc.
  • Obsolescence Protection – Leasing allows organizations to match payment plans to the equipment’s expected useful life. Leasing provides flexibility at the end of the term to allow organizations to either take ownership of the equipment or walk away and acquire new technology.
  • Tax Treatments and Benefits – Organizations may be able to write off 100% of their lease payments from the corporate income because the IRS generally does not consider an operating lease to be a purchase. Please consult your accountant for the exact application for your business.
  • 100% Financing – Leasing typically does not require a large down payment and you can finance p to 100% of the equipment cost. In many cases service, supplies, installation, warranty and other soft costs can be included in the lease. This gives you more money to invest in other revenue-generating activities and makes it easier to afford multiple products or just save it for times when you need cash most.
  • Speed – In most cases, Modern Leasing can secure approval for equipment lease financing with a short credit application and within 72 hours of receiving the initial application.
  • Preserve Cash and Bank Lines – Preserve cash and bank lines by using equipment leasing as an alternative form of financing specifically for capital equipment in order to maximize liquidity and access to capital by preserving cash and bank lines for other business needs.
  • Strengthen Company Credit – Most of our leasing programs are tied to the business and will not be reflected as leverage on your personal credit report. In addition, our programs will strengthen your business credit.